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Customer Love

Customer Love

Orange County Parks Design Division

“This is the greatest advancement in sediment control BMP’s I’ve seen in my 20+ years in the construction industry!”

Robin M. LaMont

Environmental Compliance Manager
Marsh Management Systems

“We have experienced great success utilizing the EvoGuard product for sediment management in a multitude of locations and different terrains.”

Dustin Anderson

Lake Doctors

“I loved working with this product! It held more weight than I expected and allowed the water to run through it to dry the material faster. Way better product than any type of silt fence I’ve worked with.”

Matthew Langer

South Carolina Restoration Division
Cruz Construction

“Discovered EvoGuard this spring and I am already impressed with the ease of installation and quality of the material. Excited to see the durability through an Alaskan winter!”

Ben Bitler

Project Engineer
Lake Pros

“EvoGuard was used as a containment and submersible dewatering fence. We even tied it back and anchored it to the shoreline during the set up to reclaim 25ft of land.”

Chad Bass

Maj’s Services Inc.

We were thrilled when introduced to this product in 2019! It allowed our company to offer a better, more cost effective option to traditional temporary silt fences. It takes less time and labor to install while providing long term protection.

Danielle Maj

Vice President
OC Parks, California

“Customer support is tremendous! I highly recommend these erosion products for your post fire restoration BMP’s and storm season planning.”

Robin M. LaMont

Environmental Compliance Manager
Blue Water Environmental

“We used EvoGuard as a turbidity curtain at the City Hall of Atlantic Beach. It was really easy to work with. We also used it as a sediment accumulator behind our shop.”

John Pastore

Lake and Wetlands, Florida West Coast

“I was most surprised with the lack of need for maintenance after high windstorms and loved the fact that the posts didn’t separate from the barrier.”

Phillippe Trenblay

Ecological Protective Solutions

“We used EvoGuard as a percolating wall for a south Florida builder to trap sediment and construction debris, preventing migration from one lake to another. The customer was 100% satisfied.”

Stuart Fischer


“We have been extremely satisfied with the performance of EvoGuard as a sand fence. The durable construction can withstand harsh weather conditions and remains in place for a long time.”

Sebastien Ragon

Managing Partner
Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need a professional to install it?

EvoGuard Extreme Weather Barrier is a Do-It-Yourself product developed with the average property and homeowner in mind. It is lightweight and everything you need to successfully install it, on your own, is included in your kit.

I only need 80 feet. Can I still use the 100 foot barrier?

Yes! Additionally, you can connect and add mesh if a longer barrier is needed.

How heavy is it?

Including the weight of the box, packaging, and all included components, the 50’ barrier kit is approximately 28 lbs. and the 100’ kit is approximately 44 lbs. A carry bag is included for easy transport and storage. Consult our install video to see how to use your carry bag.

Does it deteriorate from sun and rain?

Rated fire retardant by the American Society for Testing and Materials, the technical mesh is rendered non-accelerant, is manufactured with UV protection and able to withstand the natural elements of the outdoors.